CBD Lemongrass Bath Bomb - 30mg

CBD Lemongrass Bath Bomb - 30mg

Why choose Sunlight Organics CBD Bath Bombs:


Relief from Aches and Pains: CBD offers pain relief when applied topically to the affected area. According to the European Journal of Pain, CBD applied topically to areas of joint pains and or arthritis have recorded significant pain reduction and relief from all aches and pains. A gel containing CBD oil or a CBD Salve is the ideal remedy to any aching joint.

Improved Skin Health: CBD oil offers a unique blend of skin improving essential nutrients that protect your skin from damage from the sun and free radicals. 

Relief from Anxiety
Anxiety can be a show stopper, but with CBD oils, you can always gain your swag back in no time. CBD oil infused coffee drinks, energy drinks, tinctures and vapes all offer instantaneous relief from anxiety attacks.
Because CBD activates the cannabinoids in your brain to give you a renewed sense of confidence, it is used to treat all forms of anxiety including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and social anxiety disorder.

Good Night Sleep
The calming effect CBD has on anxiety can help individuals suffering from any form of sleep disorder obtain a restful sleep. A dose of CBD at night helps to induced peaceful and relaxing sleep with no side effects the morning after.

CBD offers an energy boost unlike any other substance. Because pure hemp-derived full spectrum CBD contains to THC, it offers a clean therapeutic energy and researchers have found links between increased energy levels and continued CBD use.